Aidan Black - Glue (Feat. Brendan Cleary)

Aidan Black’s new single titled “Glue Feat. Brendan Cleary” is an uplifting and positive house track that is a perfect fit for just about any ones playlist.

The instrumental starts off with poppy & catchy synths that set the uplifting and fun tone for the song. It brings all the elements all us house lovers love. Get ready for crisp percussions, catchy melodics, unique sound design, and an overall production that packs a punch. (Seriously, it’s hard not to dance to this song). Oh, and just wait for the buildup into a tropical breakdown. The leads are simple, yet insanely memorable!

The vocals for “Glue” are equally as catchy. You will be singing along by the time the second chorus hits. The vocal hooks are on point and are brought to life with emotion and power. You are in for a treat!

You can stream Glue below!

FeaturedRyan Thompson