Freshest Picks Of The Week! (November 5th)

Welcome to our newly launched “Freshest Picks Of The Week”! This is where we pick our absolutely favourite tracks we have heard recently. You will hear all sorts of genres and artists from around the world! All talented in their own way with all one thing in common: There tracks blew us away!

Make sure to check out our favourites for this week! Don’t forget to give the artists a follow!

Fear (Acoustic)

We are all suckers for a solid acoustic rendition of just about any song. This new single “Fear” by Stockholm Noir is nothing short of stunning. The raw power and emotion brought in the vocals are remarkable and bring this song up to the next level. It was also the first version of the song the artist completed which makes it even that much more special. It’s beautiful from start to end.

Over It

This new single is strongly inspired by Alan Walkers single “Faded”. This is what makes this song so catchy and memorable. The deep house vibes are simple yet easy to listen to along with vibing. It’s hard not to move to this one. The artist Olesya Bi brings a solid production with her new single “Over It”. You are going to enjoy it!

What If I’m Wrong

Joe Garvey has released a unique and very enticing new single! This song is super easy to listen to and you will find yourself tuning everything else out while listening. It hypnotizes you with the raw energy and instrumentals it brings. A smooth jazzy tune is brought to life with this sensational production.


It isn’t often we venture into the Country genre, but this new single from Chloe Collins is really catchy and overall fun. The songwriting is strong and the vocals are brought to life with power and energy. The guitar riffs are also something we absolutely loved! Check it out below!

Run Around

This new single from the talented artist Sophie Colette really intrigued us from the moment we heard it. The production is smooth, the melody is catchy, sound design is crisp, and the vocals are soft yet bring a ton of raw power. This is a song about challenging the status quo of lip service, romantic or otherwise.

Shattered Glass

This song is strong from start to finish. The catchy guitar riffs and melodic & powerful vocals bring this song to life. It’s so smooth and catchy all the way through which is why we love it so much. It’s one of those songs that leaves you wanting more. Needless to say you will be having this on repeat more than you like to admit. The talented artist Steve Obando really nailed it with this new single!

2 Young

A truly unique and insanely catchy release from “Stop Light Observations”. This ANTI-POP release is full of everything awesome. The breakdowns, the melodies, vocals, and overall production will take you on a musical journey. This is something we have never heard before! We cannot wait to hear more from these group!

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