Brandin Reed Releases Two Singles!

Artist Brandin Reed releases two new songs that managed to captivate us the first time we heard them! Continue reading to find out more or find the streaming links below and start listening staight away!

Brandin's first song titled "Thank You" is a chilled acoustic rock lined with beautiful melodies, progressions, and of course, a soothing catchy vocal line. What we love about this song is how little there is going on instrumentally. This is what makes the track so much more. Everything flows and builds seamlessly together. 

The violin and organ breakdown is our favorite part as far as the instrumental goes. The song builds to a lovely climax that we know will have you dancing. In fact, you will most likely be repeating the song over and over again because it's that good.

The story behind this release is also very intriguing. Brandin says "Where would we be without the helping hand and heart from those closest to us?" Acknowledging the valley low and mountain high journey Reed’s trekked, this tune creates a stop along the journey of Reed’s album to pay tribute to the ones who’ve made a difference in his life. [press excerpt]

The back story gives this track so much meaning that a lot of us can relate to personally. Most of us wouldn't be who we are today without some help from others along the way.

Stream "Thank You" below.

Brandin's second song titled "If The Road Gets Hard" brings another chilled rock vibe that keeps you coming back for more. Another stunning vocal line and minimalistic instrumentals bring this track to life. If you are in need of a nice acoustic "Soul soother" than this is the ideal song for you.

We absolutely loved the vocal harmonies in this release. You cannot get sick of hearing the vocal performance in this song. An absolute masterpiece. 

(Just wait for the excellent string outro!)

"The undeniable soul touching tune “If The Road Gets Hard” reappears from Reed’s previous album “Restore” to once again be a restful listen for weary ears. Listen to the beautiful arrangement with Aaron Sterling on drums (John Mayer)." [Press Excerpt]

You can stream "If The Road Gets Hard" below.

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