Two masked protagonists seek love in all its forms!

What a title eh? Well, we aren't kidding. Just watch the video below to see for yourself!

We are excited to be showcasing the new tribute to Nat King Cole from vocalists Ori Dagan & Alex Pangman. This is a little different than our readers are used to but this performance could not go unnoticed. 

To put it simply, the vocals in the song titled "Pretend" are mesmerizing and perfect in every way. The harmonies, solos, passion, energy, and soothingness of their voices is stunning. This old-school Jazz style song is surreal. It will take you away the moment it starts to the last second. You will then find yourself repeating it over and over and over just like we did.

Ori & Alex didn't just stop with their vocal recordings but put together a visually pleasing and enticing performance in their video which you can watch below. A lovely story about love in all its forms! We will stop talking so you can start watching! 

"Pretend is one of 12 Music Video's from Ori Dagan's Nathaniel: A Tribute To Nat King Cole the first ever Jazz Visual album. In this surreal take on modern existence, two masked protagonists seek love in all its forms. An adaptation of Nat King Cole's "Pretend" (1953) this new duet interpretation features Canadian vocalists Ori Dagan and Alex Pangman." [Press Excerpt]

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Ryan Thompson