Ariel Gold Releases her debut single "Weather"!

We are excited to be showcasing one of our new favourite songs of 2018! This time, we take things down a notch and venture into the chilled atmosphere of Ariel Golds new single "Weather".

"Weather" is Ariels first release and she absolutely nailed it in everyway. This production will leave you wanting more from Ariel and soon. Ariel brings an amazing vocal performance that is driven by emotion, power, and elegance. Her voice is unique and soothing. Although her vocals are a staple in this release, it doesn't just shine there. The instrumental brings a beautiful atmosphere filled with strings, unique artifacts and so much more. It flows flawlessy from beginning to end containing chilled and relaxing melodies that build into something truly powerful. 

"Weather" is one of those songs you will find yourself listening too when looking to study, relax, or to escape from reality. It's very easy listening and you will most likely find yourself hitting that repeat buttoni!

Close your eyes and listen to Ariels debut single "Weather". You can find the Spotify streaming link below. Don't forget to follow her on Facebook!

FeaturedRyan Thompson