HUME's Unique take on "One-Kiss" Is Something You Need To Hear!!

Talented artist HUME brings one of the most unique takes on Calvin Harris’ track “One-Kiss”.

HUME slows things down a notch with an exceptional chilled R&B twist on “One Kiss”. This rework is one of the most beautiful things we have ever heard. It’s so refreshing from all of the typical remixes and bootlegs out there.

HUME’s approach on this song is unique, original, and downright gorgeous. The chilled atmosphere is filled with crisp percussions, luscious synths, clean mellow guitar, catchy riffs & fills, and a vocal performance that is next level. The harmonies are stunning! We can’t begin to describe the vocals but trust us when we say, they are hypnotic and extremely easy to listen to.

One of our favourite parts of the entire release is the funky guitar breakdown. It fits so well. The sound design and flow of the guitar is nothing short of perfection.

You can stream HUME’s slowed down version below.

The Drunken Coconut

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