The Rasmus Release Their New Single "Holy Grail"

The Finnish group “The Rasmus” have released their newest single titled “Holy Grail” and it is exceptionally powerful.

When we first had a listen to this song we were instantly hooked and still are today after more listens then we would like to admit. The more you listen to “Holy Grail” the more you will enjoy it.

Besides this song having an amazing production that is filled with catchy melodies and powerful vocals, it also brings a message which we thought hit close to home. We are sure most of you reading this can relate to this message in one way or another.

Holy Grail is written by frontman Lauri Ylönen, who explains: "I wrote this song during our long tour in Russia last spring. I thought about loneliness a lot. During our concerts, I sometimes look out into the crowd and spot the people in the back, the lonely ones, out of the spotlights. Perhaps I see myself in them. And when we meet fans at the shows, the mysterious ones in the back are the most interesting. The shy, quiet ones. It's hard to come up with something to say when you finally get the chance to do so. This is a song for the anti-heroes." (Press Excerpt)

With all that in mind, take a listen to “Holy Grail” below and feel the power of this amazing production. We are more than sure you will love it!

The Rasmus are a very interesting group consisting of 4 very talented musicians. We urge you to head to their website and read a little about them. While you’re at it, make sure to give them a follow on social media.


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