Annie Dressner's Single "Fades Away" Is A True Gem!

The incredibly talented singer-songwriter Annie Dressner brings us a fantastic new single titled "Fades Away." This Indie styled song is downright catchy.

"Fades Away" is a chiller and slower song that focuses a lot of acoustic elements. This song comes to life with strings, melodic keys, acoustic guitars, soft percussion and a vocal line that genuinely makes this song what it is; Perfect.

The soft, sweet and yet powerful vocals from Annie are delivered with emotion and keep you hooked from start to finish. You will soon hear what we mean. Annie makes her music easy to listen to over and over again. Annie's voice is authentic, smooth and unique. Her voice is what makes her stand out among the millions of artists out there.

You can stream "Fades Away" below. Be warned, you will be repeating this all day! We definitely did.

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