Alice Ella Releases New Single "Somewhere Else"

We are very excited to be premiering the exceptionally talented Singer/Songwriter, Alice Ella, & her new Pop single ‘Somewhere Else’.

Known for her soulful voice and ambient production, Alice has come back once again with a catchy hook amidst beautiful dark tones.

‘When I was writing the song, I wanted to get across the feeling of being so immersed within the intimacy of a relationship that I would forget everything else going on in my life, even if just for a moment. I was able to escape my own body and feel like nothing else mattered. The song is about my personal journey of recovery from chronic ill health, when I longed to escape the prison my own body had become. I hope that it will connect with people going through dark times and this song is for anyone who wants to escape from themselves, escape from everyday life and feel freedom.’

We absolutely love Alice’s new single. It’s one of those songs that captivates you instantly with an immaculate vocal performance, energetic and catchy melodies, and a flawless arrangement from start to finish. There is no doubt that this single will become a hit! The story the song tells is powerful in which a lot of us can relate to.

Alice’s new single also comes with a exceptionally well done music video. “The video encapsulates the raw emotion of the song and fragility of the lyrics. Live video footage is projected onto Alice’s body, cutting to vintage shots that represent escapism and freedom. Intimate moments to camera, contrasted by dynamic projections, create tension alongside Alice’s captivating and powerful performance. [EPK Excerpt]

You will find yourself watching the video over and over as it is so beautifully done. It’s quite a powerful performance. It isn’t often we find ourselves watching music videos these days, let alone the same one multiple times. You can watch the video below and you will see what we mean!

You can Follow Alice below:

Instagram: @aliceellagram

Youtube channel: Alice Ella

Facebook: Alice Ella Music

Twitter: Alice Ella

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