Freda James New Release "Bound To You" Is Out Now!

We are in love with the talented vocalist, Freda James. Her voice is capitative and extremely powerful. There is no doubt about it that Freda puts her heart and soul into every lyric. The end result is both incredible and emotional.

We are extremely pleased to be showcasing her newest single “Bound To You”. This song brings a deep and minimalistic vibe that tells a story about self-love and overcoming the pain of past love. The instrumental is filled with stunning synths, hypnotic atmospheres, deep pumping bass, crips percussion, and a hell of a vocal performance. Freda’s vocals bring this production to life with her true power and emotion. It is easy to find yourself getting lost in this single. There is something so chilling and hypnotic about it. You just can’t get enough.

Freda explains: "My art isn’t the product of heartbreak, but rather the deep well of strength and resolve found in its shadow. My music, at its core, is a life lesson for my past self; a musical guide to growing into womanhood in my own time. A newfound level of power and self-awareness for women around the world."

You can stream “Bound To You” below on Spotify. You can also watch her music video here.

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More from her press excerpt: “In Freda’s upcoming Single+ Music Video release, “Bound To You,” a mistimed relationship serves as the canvas for which Freda delves further into the notion of self-love. Drippy underwater hymns glide over booming bass as she works through the nostalgia and pain of a past love, ultimately leaving it behind and choosing herself. the video personifies the schism of nostalgic love and current baggage, and the seamlessness with which those two can intertwine to complicate romance.”