Milk & bone Release New Single "Peaches"

Peaches is Milk & Bone’s and Alex Lustig's new nostalgic Retrowave single. They dive into 80’s sounding synths and pumping bass with heartbreaking but empowering lyrics.

We are in love with the new single “Peaches'“ by the talented artists Milk & Bone & Alex Lustig. Their new single takes us back to the 80’s with retro synths, pumping bass lines, distorted guitar leads, that iconic 80’s percussion, and insanely catchy dream-pop vocals. This single is a perfect production from start to finish.

What we love most about this is how catchy and effective the production is. The first time you hear it, you will love it. It’s a genuinely great song and those are hard to come by these days. As soon as you hear the bass line come in, you will be smiling and grooving along. This nostalgic release is perfect for all your playlists!

They really nailed it with this release! Well done!

Make sure to watch & listen to the song below!