Martene Clayton Releases 'Should've Been'

The exceptionally talented Singer-songwriter, Martene Clayton, has released her second single of the year titled “Should’ve Been" Featuring Black Poet. We are beyond thrilled to be premiering this new single!

When we first heard “Should’ve Been” we were blown away. Martenes vocal performance is stunning. She has such a gorgeous voice that brings emotion & power with every note. It is a flawless performance that has it all.

The instrumental is equally as beautiful. The piano ballad accompanies Martene’s performance perfectly. The piano is soft but drives a lot of power as it is the core of the song. The piano melodies are simple, yet extremely catchy. The percussions are clean & crisp.

Black Poet’s vocal section fits this song extremely well. His rap breakdown takes this song to a new level. It’s an unexpected joy to this song. The way the arrangement flows from the chorus to Black Poet’s breakdown is extremely smooth. It’s hard not to have a smile on your face when you hear it. You will definitely be singing along to this section.

The single is out now on Spotify & Youtube. Below is the YouTube link. Make sure to read more about the song and artist below! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

About the single

Inspired by the weight of chasing a dream, Should’ve Been is an emotional ballad detailing an internal conflict between reality and potential. Written and performed by Martene Clayton, the track features Detroit-based artist, Black Poet.

About the artist

Martene is a Canadian/American Singer-Songwriter. As a lifetime musician, she has performed at events and casinos across Ontario and Michigan. Currently a nominee in the 17th Independent Music Awards, Martene has big plans for 2019.

Martene Clayton’s Socials:

@marteneclayton: Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/Twitter

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