Isa Molin Release New Single "HYPO"

We are in love with the new single “HYPO” by the talented Swedish vocalist Isa Molin. We are extremely happy to be showcasing this today! With a mixture of misery and hopefulness, “Hypo” is a beautiful pop song with a hint of something alluringly dark.


The vocal performance by Isa is one of our favourites of 2019. She has a soft yet powerful voice that conveys emotion on levels we don’t hear often. As soon as you hear her voice you will be hooked. Her voice is unique and melodic that is the forefront of this song. The hooks and lyrics are beautiful and tell an alluring story.

‘She describes hypochondriacal thoughts as a symptom of anxiety’.

Isa voice draws you in closer the more you hear her sing. It’s so deep and strong you enter an almost hypnotic state. Everything is forgotten when you hear this song. It’s perfect.


HYPO has an equally beautiful and powerful instrumental that keeps the song alive. It has gorgeous piano ballads, crisp percussions, catchy melodies, mellow & energetic atmospheres that are constantly building, and a sonically perfect production. This is a must needed track for all your playlists!

You can stream the song below on Spotify.

Make sure to read more about the song & Isa below.

Songwriter and artist Isa Molin lets the listener in, as she describes hypochondriacal thoughts as a symptom of anxiety in her new song “Hypo”.

“This fall was pretty dark… I became a slave to my anxiety and got all these weird symptoms as a result. Anxiety wasn’t new to me, but this time it was worse than ever. I was constantly walking around waiting for a catastrophe, and my body was set on danger-mode every single awaken minute” says Isa, and continues:

“When I finally got out of that period, it felt like the only thing that made sense for me to write about. The song is a bit ironic as well, since I’ve finally come to a point where I can laugh at those bizarre thoughts that I used to have.”

About Isa Molin

Isa Molin has already managed to create an impressive song collection as a songwriter. She was mentioned as Sweden’s future hope in songwriting during The Swedish Music Publishers Association’s Prize 2016, and she's worked with legendary songwriters all over the world - from Stockholm to London, from Nashville to LA.

With a praised past of writing for others, Isa Molin is now ready to go all-in on her own solo project - where she creates everything from scratch on her own. In true DIY spirit, she doesn’t only function as a songwriter - she also functions as a producer, singer and artist.

With lyrics and melodies based on pure feeling, there’s something about Isa Molin’s musical language that sticks with you. She compensates her clear vocals with dark 80’s synths and creates a soundscape of contrasts and dynamics in the indie poppy tones and the clear cut lyrics. At the same time - Isa Molin proves that there’s a strength in vulnerability, in realness and in solitude.