Brodie Releases Brand New Summer Track!

Brodie’s newest release titled “Down Like That ft. Josh Jacobson” is perfect for your Summer playlists. The smooth and chilled grooves keep the good vibes rolling from start to finish. It is not hard to find yourself listening to this on repeat.

The instrumental is filled with groovy bass, crisp percussions, catchy vocals & hooks, & smooth melodies. Every element and perfectly crafted sounds work together flawlessly.

“Down Like That” is a song to add to your playlists & blast on the beach or by the pool. This may just be your new summer anthem! Get ready to get your Summer groove on!

You can listen to the song below on SoundCloud & read more about Brodie below.

Brodie’s Bio (Press Excerpt):

Brodie Jenkins grew up in sleepy California wine country in an old farmhouse that echoed with folk, jazz and soul. Before her fifteenth birthday, she was signed and touring with her mother and sister in an Americana-steeped family band. Her love of rock n roll took hold, however, in college, where she joined a 5-piece rock band with classmate Grahame Lesh, honing her stage chops opening for Furthur, Phil Lesh & Friends and Jackie Greene. On campus, Brodie would walk the same hallways as Cathedrals bandmate Johnny Hwin; but they would never meet until one summer after graduation, when a mutual friend corralled them together at the fabled San Francisco artist collective, The SUB. Johnny, with his distinct electronic sensibility, had a vault of tracks and a string of ideas; Brodie, a soulful crooner with folk roots and a Gothic heart, found an uncanny rapport. Over time the band opened itself up to collaborations outside of their studio in the Mission, and Brodie found herself weaving together songs with a new group of talented musicians and producers. Many of the songs from these sessions have yet to be shared with the world. “Down Like That” is the first to be released outside of the band, and perhaps the first of many.