Stacey Bee releases one of the catchiest Pop tracks of 2017!

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Stacey Bee is back with her third single 'Bad Dancing' and it is hands down one of the catchiest pop tracks we have heard. This is a definite 2017 hit.

"Bad Dancing", which is about dancing like you just don't care, brings an array of catchy instrumental arrangements and a gorgeous vocal melody that will instantly get stuck in your head on repeat. This production has it all! 80's drum fills, funky electric guitar, synth pads, catchy leads, mesmerizing vocals, and sweet breakdowns that will have you dancing non-stop! 

When listening to this single you will have a very hard time sitting still. Before you know it, you will be smiling and dancing the night away!

Stacey, you rock! 

You can stram the new single "Bad Dancing" below. Keep an eye on Stacey as she is just getting started.

Ryan Thompson