Ren Farren brings a powerful new single "Good Girl"!

Photo by Ren Farren (Cover Art)

The World, meet Ren Farren. Ren Farren is one of those artists we like to call a "Hidden Gem". We were fortunate enough to receive Ren's newest release "Good Girl" through our demo inbox this past week and all we can say is, wow! We are beyond excited to be sharing it with you all today.

Odds are this name is something you may not recognize but that is all about to change. Ren Farren may just be getting started but she is paving a bright future for herself. When we first heard her new single "Good Girl" we were enthralled. It is sensational in every way. We had this on repeat for days (and we still do). 

"Good Girl" is a Pop single that brings tons of energy, uplifting vibes, catchy vocals/melodies, and a perfect production arrangement. There really isn't a time in this single that ever loses your attention. It is just, to put it simply, perfect.

Let's start with the guitars. Oh boy, these are gorgeous. The crunch, distortion, clarity, power chords, leads, and energy these bring are beautiful. There is nothing better than perfectly mixed electric guitars that make you want to dance. It takes us back to early 2000's punk rock with the likes of simple plan, sum 41, green day etc. Just a pure joy to listen to. Simple, catchy, and effective!

Next, we bring the gorgeous synth bell fills and melodic elements. During the breaks, you will be hearing a flawless synth accompaniment that melds everything together. Think of an 80's style synth and lead that is hard to ignore. This is what the synth bells and other melodic elements bring to you in "Good Girl".

Last but not least, the vocals. The Vocals production and performance is what you will remember this song for. Ren Farren brings a powerful, energetic, and emotional performance. Her voice is everything we look for in a vocalist. Unique, clear, and powerful. Ren nails this performance and will have you singing along with her during every listen.

We have talked enough though, and it is time for you to listen. Take a listen to "Good Girl" below.

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