Kurr Releases his fresh take on "Talk About Me" And It Is Gorgeous!

After hearing Kuur’s interpretation of Justin Caruso’s original single Talk about me, I went back to research relationships in how Kuur and Justin Caruso arranged their points individually. In Justin Caruso’s composition, he looks to convey an up-tempo tropical feel with the use of Latin dembow percussion, pop kicks, claps, and snaps which allow the listener to feel like they are embarking on a cruise to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Kuur took a different approach. The arrangement did not grab my ear at first stream, but his drops reminded me of that feeling Zac Efron had when he played his original single in front of thousands of people in the film We Are Your Friends or Graham Phillips in the Netflix film XOXO. A drop in electronic dance music is the semi-climax of fulfillment that you receive when you first discover your favorite song. After you come across it for the first time, you want to play it back infinitely until you hear it in your head as you sleep at night. You begin to notice your eyebrows rise up, your eyes roll back, and a smile as big as the happy Emoji on your phone is splattered across your face. Though you may feel a bit careless towards a DJ movie, Mark Twain once said, “ Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary.” Kuur has effectively communicated that message onto myself and I hope all of you as well. An artist with no biography that I have yet to find speaks to us with his music. Give him a like, subscribe to him on Soundcloud and enjoy the experience. Pow!

Listen to "Talk About Me" Remix below.

JC Flores