Matt Maneval - Bad Liar

You know that feeling you get when you’re able to balance a bunch of things together at one time like a house of cards. I’m sure you know that feeling because you're telling yourself I can’t believe I just made this happen! Wait a minute... How did I do this again? Well, it’s a lot like music. There are songs that have a lot going on which you may think either sound too complex or amazing while other songs sound well-structured because it’s not too much, It’s not too little, It’s just right. Please welcome Matt Maneval to the Drunken Coconut community.

After hearing just a few riffs off of his guitar, I had to hear more. The introduction of his vocals over the guitar and the upbeat percussion Matt added to it really showcased the balance he has over his own song. Can I share a secret with you? This is by far one of the hardest things to do whenever a producer works with another artist. We sometimes ask ourselves what makes the songs we like into today’s hits or yesterday’s classics. You can base that on the understanding the artist has towards the right amount or balance of sounds. Though I must admit at first stream, I felt like his sound is more on the folk side, but I would only be committing a grave sin to only believe that. This particular song sounds like something that would play when your girlfriend tells you she doesn’t miss you when she really does. Weird I know, but Matt’s word choice for his lyrics are melodies of their own. Each word expresses a page of a story that inspires you to keep reading or in this case to keep listening. Thank you, Matt, for sharing your story with us at the Drunken Coconut, and I encourage all of you to spend a few moments to hear Matts single Bad Liar.

Listen to "Bad Liar" below.