Eliza & Delusionals - Salt

Hailing from Australia, Eliza Klatt and her band, have taken a popular blissful sound of the 90’s while combining it with a modern day indie pop rock feel. After hearing their latest single Salt, Eliza and her colleagues lift our emotions through grunge-like guitar riffs and reverberating drums. Eliza’s vocal possesses a mixture of melodic serene sounds that creates a feeling of nostalgia and inspiration. It’s almost like being around Amanda Beckett as she confronted Preston Meyers at the train station in "Can’t Hardly Wait". Eliza and the Delusionals single Salt is like a fresh breath of air. The most astonishing aspect about Salt is the camaraderie and mutual trust that Eliza and her band share amongst each other. Eliza’s vocals and her bands instrumentation are in complete harmony with each other thus allowing the listener to remain engaged from beginning to end. Though we may label a lot of what we don’t understand, Eliza and the Delusionals have persevered that categorization. The passion they have in their music serves as a reminder in their stance to not sacrifice quality for convenience.

Listen to "Salt" below.