Speaker of the House & Lincoln Jesserperson - Tiny Universe feat. Katie Pearlman

Do you remember the last time you and your friends took a trip to the beach? The weather wasn’t too hot, the water wasn’t too cold, and the waves constantly lifted up your mood. Melodic, chill, tropical, uplifting, and fun is what you can pick up when you stream Speaker of the House and Lincoln Jesser’s new single Tiny Universe which features vocals from Katie Pearlman. Between good vibes, lush sound design, and riveting lyrics, there’s tranquility of harmony in the overall tone of the song. Like a definition essay, the title you choose must correlate with the content your going to write about. For Speaker of the House, Lincoln Jesser, and Katie Pearlman’s single Tiny Universe does exactly that. The chord progressions as well as the percussion drops, and square like plucks take you into a universe that you may never knew existed.