Stateside Releases "The Way We Were".

Honesty, integrity, hard work and communication operate as fundamentals when deciding to embark on a relationship with your significant other for the first time. In The Way We Are, the Austrian rock band Stateside revisits these characteristics through the use of lyric, instrumentation, and song. After watching their music video, you can get a sense of the sweat, blood, and dedication they’ve put into performing their single just as you would in your own relationship with you loved on. Like a relationship, music is not an overnight success. It takes a lot of sacrifice, patience, and if you're still committed, you might be lucky enough to experience what it's like to have a passion for something that you really love.

The secret behind acquiring that passion, which Stateside reminds us about in their chorus, can be found in the fight for what you love or in this case whom you love the most. When you develop devotion for what you love, only then is where the real appreciation enters as you share that passion with someone else. Though the mood at first glance of Stateside's video may appear melancholy; it serves as a metaphor that we must value each other. Packed with militant like drums, and revved up guitars, Stateside brings a refreshing look on how we should treat each other by fighting together through the best and worst of times.

You can watch their single The Way We Are below.

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JC Flores