"Stories Of The Sky" by Kev Minney is Remarkable!

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 1.33.23 PM.png

Kev Minney has released his full-length album titled "Stories of The Sky" and it is remarkable in every way.

This album is a breath of fresh air in today's music scene. It is personal, emotional, clear, clean, and takes you on a journey from the first to last track. This album is filled with beautiful acoustic guitars, space ambiance, pop-infused arrangements, stellar vocal performances, and a crystal clear production all around. It truly is a work of art. 

"Stories of The Sky" is one of those albums you can listen to at anytime anywhere. It's simply beautiful and will take you away from reality.

We have listened to this album a few times through and still cannot decide which single is our favorite. We love them all. You need to hear it for yourself!

You can stream the album below on SoundCloud or on Spotify here. Make sure to keep an eye on Kev Minney as he has lots in store for you!