The Drunken Coconut - Year in Review

Hey Coconuts,

As some of you may know, The Drunken Coconut recently celebrated their first birthday!! We cannot believe it's already been a full year and we cannot be happier how well things have been going! 

We officially launched publicly in April 2016 with no more than some social media pages, an email, and a SoundCloud channel with next to no followers. This is what we started with and nothing more. It's pretty remarkable to look back at our starting point and see how far we have come.

As much as we want to say this year was all fun and games, we can't. It definitely was not easy and there were days where we felt like giving up and moving on but our dedication and love for this industry is what made us thrive and bring us to where we are today. There were a lot (and still are) sleepless nights and stressful days but it is totally worth it. This is just the beginning for us Coconuts and we can't wait to show you what we have in store for the next year!

This is a look back at everything we accomplished as a company in the past year! (of course, we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for all you lovely coconuts out there)


In no particular order, here are some of our notable achievements that we are very proud of!

  • We grew our SoundCloud following from around two thousand to over 45 thousand.
  • We wrote and provided 150+ pages of helpful content inside our Sacred Coconut Writings.
  • We gave over $1000 in giveaways to artists all around the world.
  • Hired multiple employees and grew our team.
  • Provided thousands of artists with our free content (Samples, Marketing guides, etc)
  • We did 50+ hours of Facebook live streams and various interviews.
  • Interviewed on Zen World's Youtube Channel
  • We were interviewed on Rogers TV and 106.9 The X.
  • We ran a massive radio contest on 106.9 The X called "Shake The Tree"
  • We attended two major vendor fairs here in Canada as well as Dj Show in Toronto.
  • Created the world's highest monetized platform called The Husk.
  • Launched a full merchandise line.
  • Grew The Husk to over 2000 users in less than 2 months.
  • Finished in the top 20 of an entrepreneurial contest and offered free office space.
  • Grew our Spotify following from zero to 4300 in two weeks.
  • Helped numerous artists/labels become verified and grow by the hundreds on Spotify.
  • Met with Stuart Night from Toolroom Records and successfully pitched The Husk.
  • Worked with 400+ artists on various projects
  • Launched a blog in early January 2017 which has now over 25,000 monthly viewers.
  • Have covered over 300 artists on our blog.
  • Replied personally to over 4000 demo submissions. (Amazing talent our there)
  • Sponsored multiple artists on tour.
  • Our Social media's combined audience total is now well over 100,000.
  • Made numerous partnerships with some amazing artists, labels, and companies.

We cannot believe how much we have accomplished with the help of every single one of you! We are beyond thrilled with everything that has been done and where things are headed for our Company! We want to thank you all once again and we cannot wait to work with you this year!


The Drunken Coconut