Audio Insurgency - Stranger Ft. Riley Hawke

Audio Insurgency comes together with vocalist Riley Hawke to create something mesmerizing. We are beyond excited to be presenting their newest single titled "Stranger".

The first time we heard "Stranger" we were hooked immediately. There truly is not anything throughout this release that you won't like. The instrumental is gorgeous and filled with soft chords, light percussions, ambient sounds that take you away, and a constant build that keeps you hooked from the moment it starts right to when it fades out. It is remarkable. So simple, yet so powerful.

The softness and power brought by the vocal performance are enticing from start to finish. Riley Hawke delivers an honestly sensational performance with this vocal. You will not get enough of this vocal. We were blown away by everything.

"The arrangement is made of primarily orchestral sounds with a touch of synthesized elements and its sweeping soundscape of the song evokes a feeling of wonder and fantasy." - Audio Insurgency

"Stranger" is a must listen to release. Do not let this one slip by.

You can stream the song below: