Grow With Us

Grow with us is the most efficient and effective advertising platform to hit the music industry. This platform, which is constantly evolving, allows artists, labels, and management companies to take control of their own growth & Track promotion on Spotify, SoundCloud & Youtube. Growth & Promotion has never been easier. This revolutionary new platform has been described as Adwords for musicians, allowing artists to manage their own growth & release campaigns where they can choose to pay what they want, when they want. No more wasting money on PR campaigns, Facebook Ads, or anything of the sort. This platform is the only platform you need. You can read more by clicking "Grow With Us" below.

The Husk

We have launched the worlds first monetized download gate that allows users to earn revenue for their free downloads by simply growing. It is officially the highest monetized platform in the industry. It is 100% free to use, it's mobile friendly, direct payouts via Pay Pal, you keep 100% of your revenue, pays 10 cents per follower, and it's insanely simple to use. You can read more by clicking "The Husk" below.