How To Grow Your Spotify Followers

Growing your Spotify following is a real challenge everyone faces. It can seem extremely hard to gain new followers, but we are here today to go over a few easy and effective ways you can grow your following. We also will also be letting you know about our platform "Grow With Us". The most effective and efficient way to grow your Spotify.

Marketing is what it comes down to, whether it is paid or a DIY method. You need to market. You need to advertise your user page and your tracks everywhere you can. We aren't going to lie, it can be frustrating at times and it can be a very slow and painful process. We have scoured the internet for articles relating to Spotify Growth and asked artists/labels about their struggles with growing a following, their consensus: It Typically takes a few months to even a few years to grow your fanbase up by the hundreds. Especially as an independent artist or label. The reason for this long period is because many of us aren't educated enough on the techniques. This is not a bad thing! We are all here to learn and grow together! The below list may seem redundant, but these can help maximize your growth:

Utilize Social Media

Embed Your Spotify Link On Blogs and Other Pages

Join Related Spotify Groups

Send Emails To Your Email List

Continuously Engage With Your Audience

Make Frequent And Engaging Posts


Yeah, we understand this is the same old marketing techniques we are told by everyone again and again. There is a reason for this, it works. You need to do everything you can to push your Spotify account.

"Yeah, okay cool Coconuts, but I've been doing this for a while now and nothing is working? What do I do? I need something that works." We are so glad you asked us because we have the answer.


Wow! That title sounds a little too good to be true and we know you probably just laughed and rolled your eyes but you are continuing to read anyway because you are hoping deep down that there is a way to grow this fast.


Our company has helped grow artists, labels, and playlists by thousands all within a few days on Spotify. We know what works and we are dedicated to helping you grow your following. You definitely have already asked yourself "They are clearly bots because there is no way". Well, we hate to say it, but you're wrong. If you know anything about our company you would know how much we hate (and we mean hate) bots and fake users. This doesn't benefit anyone. Not to mention that Spotify will find out sooner or later and you can kiss your account goodbye. 

We are here to tell you exactly how we do it. We use exactly what we listed above along with our new platform "Grow With Us". 

  • Grow With Us is the most effective platform for your Spotify growth. Hands down. It is the only platform of its kind in the entire industry. We launched this platform earlier this year and it has done wonders for artists, labels, curators, and management companies around the world.
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  • It is endorsed by Headphone Activist. You can read his interview here regarding the platform.

You can check out all the details about "Grow With Us" here or just head directly to the site here.

We just took what works, innovated, and engaged with our audience we have built over the past year. If you want to grow substantially, feel free to reach out to us and we would love to help!

The Drunken Coconut