Spotify Changes Artist Verification Process!

As of April 2017, Spotify has changed the verification process for artists and managers for the better. It is now insanely simple and straight forward.

Their previous method required you to have at least 250 followers on your account and then you could apply via their verification form to become verified. That is no more! Spotify verification is now open to all artists and you can follow a few simple instructions to become verified. You can find the submission form here. They have also made it that management teams can gain control of artist accounts as well. This can come in handy! 

For more information, you can visit Spotify's official site regarding the new process here.

This is great news for artists, however, the problem remains the same; How do I grow my following? Becoming verified is great but it's useless if you have no one to hear your music. We are here to help and we have grown artists and playlists thousands of new followers/listeners within a few days, all organically. You can read our article here and check our the platform here.

The Drunken Coconut