Why You Need To Become Verified On Spotify

Spotify is a great streaming platform and promotional tool for artists, labels and music curators worldwide, there is no doubt about that. With the exponential rise of Spotify, more artists are starting to utilize the platform, but what many don’t realize, are the perks of becoming verified.

There is tons of buzz around that little blue check mark that verifies you as an “Artist” but what a lot of users do not know, is that it’s a lot more than just a “blue checkmark”. Sure it looks cool, but what does it really allow for. We are going to shed some light on why it is absolutely crucial to becoming verified on Spotify as an artist. We are not going to touch on brands or curators at the moment, specifically on artists only.

So What Are These Perks?

Once you are successfully verified on Spotify you will open up a whole new world.

Blue Check Mark: 

Okay, we admit, having a little blue check mark is fun. It gives you a motivational boost and sets you aside from the basic user accounts. One look at your page and people know you are the real deal.

Your past and future releases will be merged onto your verified account:

Until you are verified, you will have a basic user account that doesn’t include your releases. So this means, as a basic user, your previous and future releases will be “floating” around Spotify under an artist page that was generated for you. These are generated once a release is live on Spotify through an aggregator or label. 

The releases will not be connected to your main user account. Once verified, your account will be linked to your discography page. You will have full control over both and all future releases will be on the one page.

Followers from your artist page and the User account will combine:

That’s right. If you have releases on Spotify, you will have a generated artist page(As described above) and may have garnered a following without even knowing it. When you become verified, your artist page and user account merge together and all followers will be added together as well. So you don’t lose any fans.

You will be able to Personalize Your Playlists:

When verified, you can now add playlists to your artist page. You will have full control over album covers, collaborative playlists, links, and descriptions. This comes in handy!

Detailed Analytics and Fan Insights:

You will have access to more detailed statistics and other various analytics. The Fan Insight tool is insane and you will have access to a ton of, well, insights about your fans. This is a must.

Share your playlists and tracks directly with fans:

This is worth the verification alone. Imagine all your followers being able to hear your new playlist or track at once with a single share. It is possible with verification. You will now be able to update your fans personally everytime you have something new to share. You have all your fans at your fingertips.

Better your chances of being noticed by Spotify's Algorithm:

It’s possible to get your music onto playlists without being a verified artist but verification can help you tremendously. You are taken a little more seriously as an artist which helps get attention from Spotify’s very complex algorithm, and also become noticed by Spotify playlist curators. It makes you stand out from the crowd.

You Are In Control:

You have full control over images, playlists, banners, shares, and more! 

It is essential to becoming a verified artist on Spotify. If you are unsure how to obtain the 250 follower threshold, feel free to message us anytime as we have helped numerous artists go from 0 - 250+ followers within a few days. You will be on the road to becoming verified in no time!

The Drunken Coconut