The Husk Download Gate - 10 Reasons Why You Need To Be Using It

Updated April 1st 2019** Brand new look & Features!

Hey Coconuts,

Let's get right into it, download gates are everywhere and it seems that new gate platforms are sprouting up left and right these days and it is overwhelming as an artist. You don't know which one to choose, who to trust, which are safe, and wonder if it abides by SoundClouds API terms. It is hard to decide which gate to choose. Even doing a quick google search about gates will give you a ton of different answers on what to use. It is a massive trial and error when choosing the right platform. We are sure you have tried multiple platforms over the past few months and by now, you most likely have your go-to platform that is working well. That's great, however, you most likely haven't heard of The Husk, and we are here to outline 10 reasons why you need to be using our new download gate platform.

Reason 1: It's Free

Nothing is better than a free service. The Husk is completely free to use for all users. No one should ever have to pay for a download gate. That is absurd. There are no premium fees of any kind to use our platform. 100% free, forever. Since Launch we have paid out well over 100k USD to our users**

Reason 2: You Earn Revenue

Yes, you read that correctly. We are the only gate service that monetizes your growth. We are the highest monetized platform in the entire music industry. We pay all our users 8 cents per Spotify follower & 5 cents per SoundCloud follower gained through their download gate. 13 cents. Let that sink in. 10 followers equal $1.30. Artists and labels who are using this platform have been making more revenue than ever before. It's that simple. You can also view your balance in real time! You can now earn revenue simply by growing.

Reason 3: It's insanely simple

We made The Husk be as simple as ever. There is no simpler gate out there. We made our platform so minimal and with so little clicks needed, that your gate will be up in no time. Too many platforms are messy and junky with too many unnecessary features and gimmicks. We went back to the basics to make your life easy.

Reason 4: It Overwrites Previous Gates

The most annoying thing about download gates is having to manually change your gates and copy and pasting links into your SoundCloud meta-data. This takes FOREVER. No one likes this. Well, we fixed that. If you're hesitant on switching all your gates over to The Husk because it will "take to long" you will be in for a treat. The Husk will overwrite all previous existing gates instantly once a gate is created on our platform. Seriously. You can switch tons of gates within minutes.

Reason 5: It's Transparent

This is something everyone wants and needs in their life, especially on a download gate platform. The Husk is completely transparent. Everything is clearly outlined and specified for everyone at all times. No ghost accounts, no lies, no deceiving, no nothing! We are all about transparency so you have nothing to worry about.

Reason 6: Customizable

Every gate you create will have customized option. Create the gate to how you want it. You choose what platforms & actions you wish to include for your audience. You can also name it & choose your artwork/background images for the gate. Everything is in your control.

Reason 7: Amazing Customer Support

This is a major pet peeve with any company. If customer support is bad, then you will most likely move on. Well, you don't have to worry about that with us! We are always listening to our user feedback, reply quickly and professionally, and address any and all issues asap. We are also frequently updating the platform to better your experience. 

Reason 8: It's Mobile Friendly

This is a fan favorite. We are completely mobile friendly. One of the only gate platforms to allow it's users to completely edit and upload on the go. Now you can edit, check your revenue balance, and all that good stuff on your mobile device. Game changer.

Reason 9: No Sign-Up Required

Woah! What? No sign-up? How even? Yes. You also read that right. We don't require our users to sign up with personal information. All you need is a SoundCloud account. You simply connect with your SoundCloud account and you're ready to go. Boom! Simple! Magic! If you do not have a SoundCloud account you can sign up with a username**

Reason 10: Massive User Base

Since it's launch in January 2017, our users have grown to well over 20k and are growing rapidly. Artists and labels are making the switch and have never looked back since. 

So what's better than a free, mobile friendly, transparent download gate that pays you the highest rate in the industry? 

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

You can join The Husk below! Just connect, create, and earn. It's that simple.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach us on Facebook or via email.

The Drunken Coconut