The Husk: Get The Facts

Updated April 1st 2019*

As most of you know, our company is all about transparency and letting you know exactly how we work and what we do. Earlier this year we launched our new rebrand of The Husk platform which is the world's first monetized download gate. You can read all about it here and check it our here.

Since it's launch there have been (as you could imagine) a ton of skeptics about how it works, where the money is coming from, and tons of other confusion. Despite our best efforts to keep it simple and fully transparent, there is still some speculation and misinterpretations regarding the platform. 

We are here to clear it all up! Full transparency. 

As a way of giving back to our users and rewarding them for using our platform, we pay 8 cents for Spotify & 5 cents for SoundCloud followers they gain through their Husk gates.

We do not pay based on downloads or streams. We use FOLLOWERS to tell us how much they are using our service. In this way, we do not condone or reward any copyright material distributed through our system. We have a strict system in place to condemn the misuse of our platform.

We pay our users out of our OWN company, The Drunken Coconut's, revenue. The only people paying out money is our company. The only person making money through The Husk is the artist.

We wanted to create a system where we could give back to the artist community, and allow artists to earn extra revenue.

If you have any questions about anything above, we would love for you to come to us personally to get that cleared up. We would be more than happy to answer you!

The Drunken Coconut