All about Bids

Grow With Us platform uses a bidding system for campaigns similar to other advertising platforms like Facebook & Google Ad words. In short, a bid is what you pay per conversion.

We have explained everything in this article regarding bids, what they are, how to use them, how they work, and more.

What is a bid?

A bid is what you pay per conversion during your campaign. A bid starts at just 0.01 cent no matter what type of campaign you are running. You may select a bid of any amount you wish. Whatever you select will be the amount every conversion costs you. For example: If you bid 5 cents on a growth campaign, every time you gain a new subscriber or follower from your campaign, your funds will deplete by 5 cents. You will never pay more for a conversion than what you bid. You can change your bid amount any time.

How does bidding work?

Similar to above, a bid is what you pay per conversion. However, you are going to be bidding among thousands of other users, so this is where things become competitive. Just like other advertising platforms, the higher you bid will result in faster conversions as your campaign will be shown to more people. For example: If you bid 10 cents while others are only bidding 6 cents, you will gain majority of the traffic, therefore seeing results extremely fast. If you bid lower than everyone else, you will see less conversions over a longer period of time.

Who am I competing with when I bid?

You will be competing with every other user who is bidding on the same platform and genre as you & thats it. Example: If you are running a campaign for Spotify Growth with a selected genre of EDM, then everyone bidding with those same filters is your competitor.

What are the top bids & what do they mean to me?

Our platform displays the top bids for each platform at all times in real time on the Campaigns page. These are here to help you determine what you should bid during your campaign to see the best results. These are just here to help you gauge your own bids. Stated above, you only have to look at the bids that are running the same campaign as you.

If you are in the top bids you will see steady & quick growth. If you are the top bidder you will see the quickest results. *You only have to bid 1 cent higher then the previous bidder to gain more traffic. You do not need to bid 10 or 20 cents higher. This would be a waste of money.

Bids change constantly

Bids are always changing. Moving up and down as people change their bids or campaigns end. Be sure to always check bids to make sure you aren’t over-spending and that your bids are set to an appropriate amount.